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Nov 21

Kids Slower Than Their Parents: What Coaches Should Do

By RonUsher | Running faster for kids

These kids could use some running technique instruction.

In a new longitudinal study covering 28 countries, researchers found that kids are running slower than their parents.

About 90 seconds slower than in a mile run.

There’s obvious problems with this. A lot can be traced to overweight issues caused by poor diets and lack of exercise. And there’s obvious health problems caused by this.

But what about you as a soccer or basketball coach? Or any other youth sports coach. How does this affect you and your team?

I think that one of the reasons kids are slower is because they don’t move as much as we used to. And they don’t do it from an early age. It isn’t one year of inactivity. It’s the 8 previous years a nine year old didn’t move.

They don’t get the same physical benefits. Their muscles, bones and neuromuscular system doesn’t develop efficiently. Not only will they be slower…they won’t have the endurance.

Any coach who is working with young kids and athletes should be working on developing their running skills. You need to teach running technique as well as using training techniques that will affect their motor systems.

Teaching a few drills to work on posture, leg strike/recovery and rate will go a long way to making your team faster.

And doing short sprints at fast pace (80, 85, 90, 95%) will improve their conditioning.

Just thinking that playing during the game or practice and doing long runs will make them faster is a mistake.

I wrote an ebook that I’m giving away if you want more tips and techniques on how to teach running technique to your team.

It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out affair.

You don’t need to be an expert running or track coach.

You’ll see results quickly and it will improve all aspects of their game.

Send me an email or make a comment and I’ll send you the ebook. I’m in the process of rewriting it but it’s still a great little book.

Dec 05

A Day in the Life of an Adapted PE Specialist: Part 2

By RonUsher | Running faster for kids

image of woman doing a mountain climber exercise

This is not my student.

My goal with one of my students is to increase his athletic skills. I want to make him stronger and faster. He has major gross motor deficiencies. He has severe scoliosis and has weakness in his upper, lower body and core. And I believe that his psoas muscle is barely working.

I’m giving him exercises to do each week; about 5. The exercises are to improve his full body strength as well as work on some running skills. This is the third week I’ve given him the exercises so I got to to see if they are helping.

His push-ups have gotten much better. I can really tell he’s practicing those. I’m not sure about his squats. His running form seems to be improving. His knees came up higher and his foot recovery was much higher as well. Perhaps best, he felt he was improving in his running as well.

What did concern me was that he was very fatigued after running only fifteen yards or so. This shows me that we have some serious cardiovascular and endurance work to do as well.

The exercises I gave him to perform this week were:

1. Stationary lunges, ten on each leg. I replaced the squats with these.

2. Triceps extensions on a bench. These are replacing the push-ups though I think he will continue to do them as well.

3. Mountain climbers. He did these on the floor (to continue to work core and chest) but I think I should have had them do them at an angle. From the floor is much more demanding and from an angle he could have been working on bringing his knees up faster.

4. Arm pumps. His arm gait is horrible when he runs. I thought he’d pick this up quickly but he did not. He needs more instruction on getting a good swinging motion from the shoulder.

5. Leg pull through. We continue this from last time for his running form. It also works on the knee lift and balance as well.

I will see him next week and let you know how he does.