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Jul 15

Does Your Child Exercise?

By RonUsher | Uncategorized

I bet you think that some kids are born athletes and others are not. Most people do.

I don't believe so. I think all kids are born athletes. Some are born MORE athletic than others but we are all athletes.

Unfortunately, our kids are loosing this athletic ability too soon. The reasons are numerous and pervasive.

  • Limited time playing outdoors
  • Schools reducing and eliminating physical education and recess.
  • Video games on consuls and tablets.
  • Parents so busy and out of shape, they don't want to play, move and exercise with their kids.

The lack of movement in our kids lives is having an enormous impact on our kids and our nation. Kids today will have a host of problems from being overweight to diabetes and heart disease from this lack of activity.

If you're a parent then you're going to have to face some serious truths.

You're going to have to help your child move, exercise and get outside. If you don't, they most likely won't do it.

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