Athletic Skills is Changing

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Jun 10
Every child should be an athlete.

This is me!

Hey…thanks for stopping by.

I noticed my last post was in October. October of 2014. That’s crazy!

I’ve been doing some blogging on my other sites. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I posted here.

I spent a lot of time working on this site and the program but I never got the views or traction I wanted. I need more feedback from my readers and it just didn’t happen.

So, I left it. And pretty much left blogging and Internet Marketing as well.

Well, I’m back. With a pivot.

Coach Ron Usher ( is going to focus on three areas of swimming. Those areas are:

  1. Adults learning to swim
  2. Swimmers wanting to be better and faster
  3. Parents wanting to teach their kids to swim

Probably each subject should have their own website but man, that’s too much.

Athletic Skills for Kids is going to be re-branded as well.

Previously, it was Athletic Skills for Soccer and I wrote mostly about training for soccer. My focus was on the kids who weren’t the best. Maybe they were overweight, or late bloomers.

I still think there’s a great need for information and help for parents in this field. But I thought it was needed for all the other sports too; basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, etc.

Each subject should have a website as well. That’s even more crazy.

As you can see, the whole thing becomes overwhelming.

So my new plan for Athletic Skills is to focus on only one area:

Running for kids.

I think that parents for most sports will be looking for running.

Parents of kids who are overweight or nonathletic will probably be looking too.

I’ve got a wordpress site that actually gets a lot of comments on a running post I made. Hopefully, it can bring them over here too. Here is the link to the blog for kid fitness expert.

It needs some love too. Though I made the header all by myself. OK, I won’t get a job as a graphic designer or web guru.

My goal is to start writing a blog post here once a week. I’m mainly focusing on the swimming one for a variety of reason. I’m also working on the marketing and business side of this.

It’s summer vacation and I’ve got a couple of weeks to be productive, learn, write and make some friends.

Hopefully, you’ll join me.


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