25 Open ended questions for PE and Youth Sports

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Sep 21
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The right questions improve learning and performance

(Feel free to comment or add your own at the end!)


Open ended questions are the type that encourage deeper thinking from your kids. They are the ones that don’t have a correct answer and can’t be answered yes or no.


“What the hell are you doing!?” is not an open ended question. Neither is, “What is the airspeed of an unladened European swallow?”


Coming up with open ended questions can be tough. I always loved it when I did but was frustrated that I couldn’t pull them out of my pocket.


There are different types of open ended questions. But as a rule they fit into these categories:

Making predictions

Stretching thinking

Assessing feelings

Considering consequences

Solving a problem


Here are practical examples for you to use.

  1. What happens when you…..?
  2. Is there a better way that you can do this?
  3. How would you…..? (get faster, improve)
  4. Why do we….?
  5. When you ……, what happens?
  6. How can we improve…….?
  7. How do you know when…..? (you’ve improved, you’ve got it)
  8. Can you explain…..to your teammate?
  9. What do we need to do now?
  10. How can we take it to the next level?
  11. What else can we do to…..?
  12. Is there another way we can….?
  13. What would happen if we…..?
  14. What do we need to do when….?
  15. How do we…..?
  16. What’s the best (fastest, easiest) way to…..?
  17. If we did…..then what would happen?
  18. How many ways can you……?
  19. Why do we…..? Anything else?
  20. How will you know when….?(we’ve improved, we’ve got it)
  21. What else can we do to…..?
  22. If you wanted to…..what possible things could we do?
  23. Show me how we can….?
  24. Is there another way to….?
  25. Why would we want to……?

Give some of these a try and see how they work. And if you have more to add, please don’t be shy and leave a comment.

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