Is It Sustainable? Fitness, training, diet, work, and goals

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Apr 24

Charles Staley made a Facebook post the other day. “If it’s not sustainable for a week, if it’s not sustainable for a month, if it’s not sustainable for three months…it’s not sustainable”.

I’ve taken this to heart. In my life, especially around fitness, diet and my business working with kids, it is certainly true.

Typically, I’ll start working out like a beast…and then I get hurt or burnt out. It slows down and eventually almost stops.

Or my diet. I’ll be careful with what I eat; eating more fruits and vegetables, cutting back on soda and fast food. I’ve gone as long as three months. But I would go back down that slippery slope…slowly at first but eventually, I’d be back almost to where I started.

And blogging. I get on a tear and do two to five posts a day. I keep it up for a month or so. Then it gets to a reasonable number (four a week) and then it drops down to zero. And working on new books, products and marketing techniques is almost impossible.

Today, one of the teachers I work with came back from Spring break and had lost 17 pounds in nine day. He was on citrus diet of some sort. It’s basically fruit and veggies blended together three times a day. Sounds horrible.

There’s a lot of things wrong from an exercise/fitness standpoint with this technique. But the main problem is that it is not sustainable. You can’t keep it up.

So I’m working on establishing patterns, goals and routines that are sustainable. So far, I’ve been pretty good.

I started out in January by working out. January was a great month and then February was horrible. But I got back into it and March and April have been great. I’m working out a lot but not over doing it. I’m holding myself back a bit and allowing myself rest if I’m feeling too beat, tired or sore.

Perhaps most important, I’m having fun.

I’m also trying to get my eating habits in order. Using some ideas from the 10 Day Detox plan, I’m trying to stay off of caffine and sugars. I imagine all the chemicals and sugars irritating my stomach and intestines and swelling them up with gunk. I’m having a breakfast shake in the morning, a big salad for lunch and then salad, veggie and protein for dinner.

I’m not sure if this is sustainable but it might be. It’s quick and and fairly easy to prepare.

As far as blogging and working on my Internet business, I don’t have a goal or a plan yet. I begin to get one and then don’t take the most important first step (starting).

But it looks like I did something today.

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