How to Entertain Your Team and Get Them Engaged. Part 1

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Jan 22
Goofing around is what makes sports fun for kids

Goofing around is what makes sports fun for kids

Let’s face it, swimming can be a pretty damn boring sport. You look at the bottom of the pool, staring at a line as your body screams in pain. I’m not sure how come kids do it.

But they do it in droves. You would think kids would quit after the first day but they don’t. They keep coming back.

As a youth sport coach, what do you do to keep your team entertained and to keep coming back? I watch the flag football league. There’s 200 eight and nine year old kids playing. But there’s probably only 80 ten and eleven year old kids.


One of the reasons is the coaches aren’t trying to entertain the kids. I don’t think they really care if the kids come back to the sport. They want success for the season. The want the kids to improve. They want them to learn. But they aren’t thinking about it like a business and getting the kids to return.

That’s one advantage that swimming has over a lot of sports. Most of the coaches are paid professionals. The health of the team depends on keeping kids on the team. If a coach isn’t fun and isn’t good, then families leave the team.

A fun coach is worth their weight in gold to a team, especially for the younger kids.

Think of your practices not just as practices but as opportunities for kids to have fun and be entertained. You’ll find them more engaged, learning faster, making better friends, and having more fun.

There’s lots of ways you can do it. To get your cerebral cortex going, read this article for personal trainers. Their livelihood depends on client retention.

Tomorrow, I’ll post some ideas for you to consider and try.

Coach Ron Usher

PS. This is true for PE teachers as well!

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