A Dumb Strength Exercise for Youth Sports

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Jan 20

This is one of the dumbest exercises I have seen a youth sport team do.

It won’t hurt the kids but it sure is a waste of time.

Yesterday, I was at my son’s 8/9 year old football practice. There were a lot of kids, a lot of moms and dads coaching and getting the kids going. The kids were having a blast.

I’m pretty sure that most of the coaches are just dad’s who are helping out. Some of them know a lot more about football than I do. There are some good drills set up and a lot of introductory plays for the kids to get.

There isn’t much time till the first games. In fact, only one week.

A lot of the teams do some form of running (more on that later). But I saw some teams doing the “Arms around in circles” drill.

arm circles

These are really dumb for youth athletes to do.

Why? Probably because it’s what they did in school (I know I did a lot of them). Also, there’s some soreness and pain that goes with the exercise. A lot of people equate that with getting in shape.

So there were three teams I saw spinning their arms in circles…forward, backward, big and small. Complete waste of time.

Push-ups are better. Want to work the shoulder muscles (deltoids)? Then have them take a push-up position, get their hips up as high as possible. And then bring their head down to the ground.

Besides working the shoulders it works the back and legs. It integrates all the muscles of the body working together.

And it doesn’t look as ridiculous.

Here’s an image of the starting position. Have your athletes do these instead.

Starting position for deltoid push-ups

Starting position for deltoid push-ups

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