Twenty Drills to Improve Strength in Youth Athletes Using a Bench

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Jan 16
Typical youth sports team needing athletic skills

Typical youth sports team needing athletic skills

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re coaching or your kid is playing. They need help.

If they didn’t you probably wouldn’t be here looking.

Kids need lots of athletic skills help these days in a lot of areas. One of the areas they need it most is in strength. There’s a lot of books out there that show you how weight lifting exercises. Some of them even show pictures of Nautilus equipment.

Where, when and how much would that cost for your typical youth soccer, football or baseball team? And it probably isn’t even ideal.

Most weight equipment takes instruction, supervision and concentration. Does your typical 9 or 10 year old have that? I don’t think so.

The best exercises to use for kids are body-weight exercises. They work the whole body, they are functional and can be fun. But sometimes coaches and kids get bored with them.

So here is a fun way to use a common piece of equipment that most fields have hanging around. You can get a lot of kids using them at once so it’s efficient. Give some of them a try and see how it works for you.

  1. Push-ups with hands on the bench
  2. Push-ups with feet on the bench
  3. Clap push-ups with hands on the bench
  4. Alternating step-ups
  5. One leg squat with foot on the bench
  6. Side to side, stepping over the bench. Alternating feet on bench
  7. Side hurdle over bench. No foot touches the bench
  8. Run and hurdle over the bench
  9. Stand on bench, jump down and jump as quickly as possible up (plyometric drill)
  10. Sit on bench and perform V-up sit-ups.
  11. Bulgarian squat on bench. Rear foot on bench and squat down on lead leg
  12. Jump over bench
  13. Superman plank. Hold bench with both hands. Walk feet back as far as possible and hold.
  14. Bear walk length of bench with both hands and feet on bench
  15. Hurdler jumps. Both hands on bench. Swing both legs back and forth over bench
  16. Reverse push-up. Go under bench and grab. Experiment with different grip positions
  17. Mountain Climbers using bench. Works on running technique as well as core/leg strength
  18. Leg raises. Lay on back and put both feet on the bench. Alternate lifting legs up
  19. V-sit leg scissors.
  20. Isometric dead lift. Grab bench and try to lift it. Use good technique with knees bent/back straight.

There you have it. I have more bench drills that work on balance and running technique as well. I’m going to be putting them into a ebook form soon. But for now, I think this will give most coaches and PE teachers some new ideas to try.

Let me know how they worked.


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