Twenty Things to Be Thankful About for Youth Coaches

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Nov 26
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Taking some time to be thankful

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, I thought I’d look at all the things youth sports coaches have to be thankful for.

After you read my list, feel free to add a few of your own.

  1. It’s a great job to be able to work with kids.
  2. Get to work outside.
  3. Typical attire is shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes. Maybe a sweat shirt.
  4. Every day is different.
  5. You get to build something; a team, an adult, a business.
  6. Working with kids keeps you young.
  7. Your involvement with the sport gets to continue beyond your playing days.
  8. You can keep in contact with your former athletes beyond their playing years.
  9. Keeping kids healthy and fit is part of your job.
  10. Watching your team improve, mature and grow-up.
  11. Always learning something new about your team, the sport, the business, fitness.
  12. Get to witness the changing of the seasons.
  13. Watching sunsets and sunrises every day.
  14. Don’t have to grade papers.
  15. It’s a fairly low stress job.
  16. You get to have fun and play every day.
  17. It gives you an opportunity to be creative.
  18. You meet great people; kids, parents, fellow coaches.
  19. The profession is always evolving which means you always have to be learning.
  20. Competition, sport and play is just plain fun.

There’s my top twenty. If I think of a few more, I’ll post them. I’d love to hear yours.

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