Athletic Skills and High School Football: A CCS High School Report

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Nov 23

Going through conditioning drills without instruction is not efficient.

Last night I went to my first high school football game in about 40 years. My Alma mater (Andrew Hill Falcons) qualified 8th in the CCS football championships.Their opponent was Saint Francis HS, a private school in Mountain View. Saint Francis was seeded number one.

Hill is from the Southeast portion of San Jose. It’s a low income neighborhood with a wide mix of ethnic students. Saint Francis is an upper income school and known for some excellent sports teams.

The game was not expected to be close…and it wasn’t. But what surprised me was the differences in the two teams:

  • Saint Francis had twice as many players. Andrew Hill had at least three players going both ways…and probably a lot more.
  • Saint Francis players were bigger. I assume this was because some of the Hill players were Freshman and Sophomores. Some of them looked pretty small.
  • Many of the Andrew Hill players were very heavy. Let’s be honest. They were fat. I realize size helps on the line…but these guys weren’t just big…they were overweight.
  • The Saint Francis players were better athletes. You could tell how the stood. You could tell by their ready positions. You could tell by their first steps. You could tell by their speed. You could tell by how they moved.

I’m sure some of the speed issues were because of the weight. You could see the Hill players coming to the line of scrimmage very slowly. You could see how they gave up on plays.

I don’t think it was a lack of effort, though you could tell by the body language that Hill was beaten.

One other thing that really surprised me was the lack of fans in the stadium. My memories of CCS Football was of packed fans from both sides. There were very few fans from either side at the game. The Valley is definitely changing.

My critique of the players fitness is nothing against them…or the coaches. They are boys who are learning and trying to improve as individuals and a team. I’m proud of them for going out for the team. I’m proud of them for putting it together to have one of their best seasons.

And I’m proud of them for just showing up. And they didn’t give up. At the half, Hill started with an onside kick which they recovered. They then proceeded to march down the field and score a touchdown.

But it does show how important being an athlete and having athletic skills are for success in youth sports. I wonder what the Hill coaches are doing to improve their teams fitness and athletic skills over the course of the year.

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