Do You Think Your Kid Is Going Pro?

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Nov 17

But think of all the money they will make!

The other day I did a search of other blogs that are about youth sports. One of them that caught my eye was called, “Your Kid Is Not Going Pro”.

I clicked the link and I saw it hadn’t been updated in a couple of years. I then went to the next link. That too hadn’t been updated. It was a learning experience for me as I saw that a lot of people are interested in youth sports and that some big companies have bought out other companies for the blog.

Eventually, I found the author of the site alive, well, and blogging. And here is his blog about youth sports.

I love the title of the original blog and I see that Bob Cook is still following the theme. It’s amazing to me to see that some of his posts are getting over 2,000 views. That’s pretty impressive, even if it is hosted by Forbes.

Bob Cook is the author of the blog. He is a father, a youth coach and a writer. I don’t know if he’s a better father or coach than me, but he’s probably a better writer. He’s even written for Time magazine. I didn’t even know they had a section about youth sports.

He has an interesting and insightful view of youth sports issues. From reading some of his posts, I think we agree on a lot of issues. Most of his posts are about youth sports in the news. I try to focus more on youth sports, athletics, and how kids can be better athletes.

But there’s a lot of cross-over and I encourage you to read his blog.


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