What’s Wrong With Doing the Best Ab Exercise Ever for Kids?

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Oct 31

Here is a demonstration of “the best ab exercise ever“.

Supposedly, researchers measured the muscular force of 30 individuals performing different types of sit-ups. And this one measure the highest muscular force ratings.

image of kids doing sit-ups

One way to work the abs…and bond with friends

If you don’t want to click on it, it’s a crunch and bicycle kicks (alternating straight leg to bent knees) with a twist bringing your shoulder towards the opposite knee.

It’s a good exercise for kids, athletes and adults.

But best exercise ever? Don’t do anything else because you’re wasting your time is what’s insinuated. And that would be a big mistake, especially for kids.

One exercise is never going to do everything for everybody. And even if it did, kids would get so bored with it they would throw it out like split-pea soup.

Athletic kids (and adults too) need a lot of variations in their exercises. They need variation to work different muscles groups. They need variation to work different muscle fibers. They need variation to prevent injury. They need variation for rest and recovery.

And they need variation to keep their minds active and engaged. There’s nothing worse than a bored athlete whose checked out.

This bicycle sit-up with a twist is a good exercise because it works the lower, upper and oblique abdominal muscles. It might be too hard for some athletes…or adults. You could make it easier by breaking it up into three different exercises:

Bicycle kicks

Also, you could make it easier by raising the legs (shown in the video) or you could make it more difficult by doing on a bench. Or add a medicine ball and have them throw it to a partner. Or attach resistance bands to the legs to make them work even harder.

The video recommends three sets of 10. That’s OK…fairly average, typical recommendation. But how about mixing them up with some leg work (squats, lunges or jumps)? And then add some push-ups for the upper body (and core) and a 25 yard sprint for cardiovascular and sports specific training. That would start to be a good workout.

The take-away from this is always have kids do a variety of exercises. Don’t pick on perfect exercise. Variety is the spice of life.

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