Right Shoes for Kids Sports

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Oct 30
image of legs kicking a soccer ball

Having the right equipment can be very important for sports improvement and participation.

Last weekend, I got my son to go on a hike with me. As I’m his step-dad getting him to go with me can be difficult. Most of the time, he’d rather stay with his mom.

But I guess he could only stand so much indoor time. So we grabbed the dog and went for a hike up in the hills of Los Gatos. There’s lots of places and distances to go. I chose the second easiest. It’s probably about two miles and about half of it is uphill.

I love it and it’s one of my favorite places to go. As a matter of fact, my basketball buddies and I love it too. But kids…not so much. He said he was bored (his favorite thing to say) but we made the hike with no tears, injuries, falls or disasters. I thought it was pretty successful.

On the way back, I thought I’d pick up a soccer ball for him. I have one I use for Adapted PE but I keep it under inflated so that I don’t have to chase errant balls. Then after we got the ball, I figured we would go off to a park and kick it around a bit.

While in the store, he said he didn’t have running shoes. Three times a week he does running club at school and he’s been doing it in his Vans. Well, no son of mine is going to be running in Vans. So no questions asked we found a pair of Nike’s he liked and fit him.

He was blown away at how light, fast and how much cushion they had. And he was excited about trying them in running club.

Since then, we’ve been kicking the soccer ball quite a bit. And he added a mile to his two mile runs which is pretty good.

Having the right equipment whether it’s a soccer ball or running shoes can really help improve sports performance. And family bonding.

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