Sometimes the coach just has to brag

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Sep 25
Image of basketball on fire

This was me shooting tonight!

I think most of my posts are pretty good. I try to put good solid information out there. I try to put my ideas out hoping that a parent, coach or teacher may find it useful and help a kid or two have fun and improve.

This post has nothing to do with that.

This post is to brag about tonight’s basketball game that I played in. That’s all…just to brag, and maybe relive some of the fun and satisfaction.

I typically play basketball on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights. I’m usually one of the oldest, slowest and worst shooters out there. Not being mean…just being honest. Occasionally, I will have good days.

Tonight was one of them.

We played half court, three on three. It was a very light crowd. The first game, my team got blown away. I took about ten shots…made zero. Depressing.

But the second game, I caught fire. I made half of the team goals. I made the last five goals. I shot from outside and even drove to the basket (not easy when you’re old, slow, and never were very skilled).

Making the game winning shot was awesome.

The third game, I wasn’t quite as good, but I still manged to score three of the last five baskets. And again, the game winner!

I guess if there’s a moral to this story, it’s that you’re never to old to play and have fun. And sometimes, you get to be a hero!

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