Parenting, Time and Youth Sports

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Sep 24

As a parent whose son has gone on to college, I think back about the things we did in youth sports.

Something worked fairly well. A lot didn’t.

I think I learned a lot…but I wonder as I watch my step-son. He’s eight and kinda into youth sports. (Being a step-parent is a whole nother issue!).

But what strikes me most is how quick is seems to go by.

When my son was 6, I thought we had a lot of time. And before I knew it, he was 17 a high school senior and ending his sporting career (or at least mine as an observer).

It happened so fast. I wonder if I should have put more time into helping him. Or maybe I put too much effort. I wonder if I should have taken more pictures or what I could do to make it last longer.

There’s so many parents out there watching their kids play. They yell, encourage and cheer. They spend a lot of money getting them in leagues, paying for equipment, coaches, traveling. They spend a fortune of time getting the kids to practice, back home, feeding them, to their matches.

And in a blink of an eye…it’s over.

All my friends whose kids have graduated feel the same way. There’s a sense of loss. And also a ton of great memories.

As a parent, are you taking time to appreciate watching your kid play?

Are you telling them how much you enjoy watching them? Because to me, it wasn’t the successes that he had. It was how much I loved watching him play.

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