Skipping Stones for Kids Throwing Development

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Sep 23
image of child skipping stones

Skipping stones is a lot of fun

When you were a kid, did you use to skip stones? We did…and we could do it for hours.

I was pretty good at it. I could get it to skip pretty far, fairly often and usually get three to six skips in. Not bad…not great. I nailed the spin and the sidearm throw…just couldn’t get all the power I wanted.

As a kid, I didn’t have the greatest arm. I could throw with accuracy and could get good spin on the ball. I just never had much power.

Now, I know the problem is that I never used my body. I tried to throw with my arm and not my legs and hips. I didn’t use my body weight or rotation to develop the release speed and power I needed to have a great arm.

But I can tell you that most of the kids I see throwing today are much worse than I ever was. They don’t have the body rotation, the arm speed, the control. They don’t have any accuracy or technique.

I wonder how much skipping of stones they did. Probably not much. Because there’s not a lot of places or opportunities for kids to get out and just be kids.

Today, I took my eight year old stepson out to a lake and we skipped some stones. I think my technique was at least as good as it was when I was a kid.

We had a lot of fun. And I hope he learns to get a better arm than I had.

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