Adapted Physical Education Goals

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Sep 23

Setting goals for special needs students can be challenging.

As an APE Specialist, I have to come up with goals for my students. There are two types. The official goals are on the IEP. Usually, there’s one or two goals that address a student’s gross motor needs.

Ideally, these goals would mean that they would get the student up into a mainstream physical education class. But that isn’t really practical for the vast majority of students that I work with.

These goals are specific and measurable. There is a time limit on them (one year, broken up into quarterly periods) and specific. I try to make these easy to accomplish and measure. Another consideration I have is if they can be understood and picked up by another APE specialist.

You wouldn’t put a swimming goal for a student because the next school might not have access to a pool. Typically, my goals won’t have any specific type or size of equipment at all. Though sometimes a goal such as catching or throwing a ball is required.

In this case, I’ll word it as a “tennis ball size” so that another therapist has some options. Technically, if it’s in an IEP then that equipment is supposed to be provided. A pool could get pretty darn expensive!

The second type of goals I will cover in another post.

The other type of goal is a general and less

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