The Best Sport for Kids. Part 2 of 3

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Jan 24
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Which one do I choose?

There are many reasons for parents to put their kids into sports. And the reasons will help decide which sports are right for you and your family.

And besides considering what sport you put your child in, you should be thinking about what type of commitment you want to make to the sport.

Because the commitment can will be both money and time. Some sports are less expensive than others. Some sports require less time from the kids, some require more time for the parents.

If you’re child is under eight, this probably isn’t something you’re thinking about. But it should be. Because once they get to be nine, things can get pretty serious in competition, time and money.

Here are some reasons you might be considering putting your child into youth sports…

  1. You did the sport as a kid and want them to get the same enjoyment out of it that you did. This is a great reason, but be careful. If they don’t like the sport, be prepared to change. After all, it is there sport…not yours.
  2. You want them to be more fit. Sadly, a lot of kids don’t get the exercise they need during the day and youth sports can provide that opportunity. Know that some sports are better than others for fitness. Also, know that a lot depends on the coaching. And some kids might come into the sport being so under athletic that they won’t get the fitness they need because they can’t do it.
  3. They need to be kept busy. This is a common one and one that I used with my son. Because he couldn’t get out and play with his peers and I didn’t have the energy (or think it was 100% appropriate), I put him into organized sports. This worked to some extent, though he didn’t get great coaching and thus never learned to be very good at the sport.
  4. Their friends are doing it. This is a great reason, and it decides the sport for you. But look into what type and how much of a commitment you’re going to need to do. Fundraising, practice times, competitions and private training are all part of many youth sports teams.

  5. Their body type and personality. Let’s face it. If they are small and overweight, they will not have much success playing basketball. If they don’t like to run, then soccer is probably not going to be for them. If they are creative and love to show off, then a sport like ice skating or dancing might be best.

Keep these thoughts in mind as you consider which sport or sports to participate in. Personally, I think kids should do a multitude of sports and then make a decision on which one to specialize (if any) when they are about 14.

The next post will be about specific sports and some of the pluses and minuses of them from the kids and parents standpoints.

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