What’s the Best Sport for Kids? Part 1 of 3

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Jan 22
Image of kids playing basketball

Basketball is an excellent kids sport for either organized or street.

Spring will be starting soon and parents of young kids will be looking to put their kids on sports teams. Some will play a sport because their father (or mother) did. Others will be on a team because all their friends are playing the same sport.

But many will be on a sport because parents are looking for something healthy and fit for their kids to do.

Or they might just be looking for something to keep the kids busy. (I know I’ve done that one).

But what are the best sports for kids to get into? Is it soccer because it’s relatively injury free? (It isn’t. Knees, especially for girls are very vulnerable.)

Or perhaps it’s swimming because swimming uses all of the muscles in the body? (Doesn’t every movement use every muscle?).

Or it might be basketball, volleyball, football, lacrosse, or one of the team sports.

And don’t forget individual sports like tennis, dancing, ice skating, and diving.

It’s a little bit overwhelming actually. So what is the best sport?

This is not me. But I like the pic.

Just as there are many sports, there are many reasons for a family to participate in those sports. The reasons dictate the sports that kids should play.

The following post will go over some of the reasons for parents to consider and the third will go into my experiences as a father, coach and observer on the pluses and minuses of a few of the more popular sports.

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