Teach Resiliency to Youth Athletes

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Jan 22

Teach your kids to always strive to come back

There were two great football games on this weekend. And both teams that one and will advance to the Superbowl had to come back in the second half and win. There’s two sides to this. The first is the good coaching that went into the X’s and O’s of the game and the adjustments they made.

But the other and more important one is the resiliency that the players had to have. I don’t think they developed this as professional athletes. It had to happen when they were playing youth sports.

Resiliency is the ability to come back. The best teams and players have it. So does the best of people in any field. It’s something I’d like to think that I have but need to work on. (Hence, my on again/off again postings on this blog).

Sometimes the best youth athletes don’t develop it. As kids perhaps they are faster or stronger than the others. They win and it comes fairly easy to them. When they get older and the other players have caught up, they never developed the will power to come back and to keep going.

As a coach and as a parent, emphasize never giving up. Teach your kids to bounce back after a defeat. Teach your kids that it is never over.

Use practice and game situations as teaching tools. Point out the teams and times when teams have come back from being behind to win. Sport and life is littered with thousands of examples.


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