Great Book for Coaches of All Sports

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Jan 19
Great resource for anyone working with athletes

Great resource for anyone working with athletes

I picked this book up at the library and have been very impressed with it. The pictures are great and I love the way he covers technique. He has most of the same running drills that I use, minus the arm pumping and he has some exercises and drills that I haven’t used but think they would work great.

The book is called Power, Speed, Endurance by Brian Mackenzie and Glen Cordoza. It’s very lengthy and in depth so I would recommend buying it because there’s so much information.

He has a large chapter on mobility and flexibility. Lately, I’ve been working on both of these factors a lot more than I have in the past. I think it’s because I’m getting older and finding that while my strength and endurance haven’t decreased, my balance, mobility and flexibility seem to be regressing.

Also, he has some unique ideas on injuries and injury prevention. Currently, I have two nagging problems; a strained tendon in my elbow (from doing one arm kettle-bell snatches about two years ago) to a impaired right ankle joint (from a sprained ankle from over 15 years ago…ouch).

The book is marketed for endurance athletes and triathletes. However, much of it is appropriate for parents, youth sport coaches and PE teachers.  Some of it is a little in depth, especially the parts on therapy. They would require one to one type of instruction and probably more knowledge than the average layperson would have.

Either way, there is just a lot of good drills for improving your skills and strength. Any coach would learn a lot and get some new ideas on what and how to work with their team.


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