A Day In The Life of an Adapted PE Teacher

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Dec 10
image of side leg swings, excellent for dynamic mobility

This is one of the exercises my student uses.

Monday’s are going to end up being my favorite day of the week. Two of my students are much higher functioning than I’m used to. It’s going to be so fun to work with them!

The first student was just added to my caseload. She loves PE and a lot of sports. Her balance and strength need some work as do her manipulative skills but she is very motivated and loves to have fun.

Today was our first real meeting after the assessment so I kept it light and easy. We played some games (a hockey/golf version) and played around with some of my sports/games equipment. I also had her do some “Rockets” which are assisted squats. Every time you come up  you count, “3,2,1, Rocket!” and stand up as fast as you can.

I’m doing these with her for two reasons. One she needs the leg strength but also she has a hard time pronouncing the “R” sound. I figure I’m getting double the benefit. I’m going to be giving her a lot of R games as we move along.

The second student is really improving. I’m noticing that his running form is getting better without even being told to work on it. That is a positive sign.

These are front leg swings. He is to do ten each leg.

One of the exercises I gave him was Leg Swings from the front and side. While he was doing them he said it made his legs feel great which was another added bonus.

I’ll write more about what we did because his workout for the week is a good one for many kids.

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