Winter Sports for Family Fitness

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Dec 08

Ski Tripping…. Sierra At Tahoe2…-1Well, it’s winter time and there’s snow in Tahoe. So the PE equipment is put away, the car is straightened up and the ski racks are on. Sierra at Tahoe…here we come.

Skiing (or snowboarding) is a great family activity. Not only does it force everyone to be together in a car for four hours, you also have to spend some time eating together. It’s physical, outdoors and fun. If there was a way to do it so that it was free it would be even better.

For my family skiing is a big part of winter. Two years ago, we got in over 15 days of skiing in. Last year, the snow was sparse so we got less than ten. I think this year it could be better.

Everybody has skis now and almost everyone has season passes. The snow is four hours away and the car is almost ready. The main problem with the car is that the chains for it cost $600. It’s four wheel drive so we probably won’t need them. But still, if we do need them and don’t have them it’s a nice big ticket from the CHP.


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