Obsession, Skateboards and Youth Sports

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Dec 08
pic of youth skateboarders

Skateboarding is helping my son gain self confidence.

So my seven year old son has discovered skateboarding. After his first trip with his big cousin to a skatepark in Nashville, he has become obsessed.

Everything is skateboards. He wants to carry it with him to school. He brings it to restaurants. He looks at it. He spins the wheels. He stands on it in the house and does wheelies. He watches Youtube instructional videos. Some are even pretty good.

This is the first time I’ve seen him so obsessed with a sport. He’s been obsessed with getting toys and with a few toys. Beyblades have been covered more than a few hundred times.

Yet the skateboarding seems to have stuck.

I like it because it’s physical and develops his balance. I have one too, so its something we might be able to do together. I don’t think I’ll be doing Ollie’s or skateboard parks but I like my longboard and will be doing some stand-up paddling next year.

Kids who get obsessed with something tend to get good at it. Very good.

I hope he stays obsessed with it, at least for a while. It gets him outside and is physical. Perhaps more importantly, it seems to have taken him out of his shell a little. He’s made some new friends and has had to talk and interact with strangers.

I’ll keep you informed as to how he does.

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