Good Rainy Day PE Class…Bad Rainy Day PE Class

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Dec 06
pic of dodgeball player

The movie had some funny scenes…but dodgeball is not for PE classes.

As an itinerant Adapted Physical Education teacher I get to go to a lot of schools. I get to see some great teaching…and some not so great teaching.

Yesterday was raining in the Bay Area. Actually, it’s been raining a lot. Which is good for the drought but not so good for outdoor PE classes. I went to two schools during the day.

The first school put the kids in the gym and had them play dodge ball. About 120 kids, separated by boys and girls. Boys played boys, girls played girls. About 40 kids on each side.

Of the 40 maybe half were actively involved on each team. The others were in the back talking and just making sure that they didn’t get conked in the head with a ball. The kids who were playing the game tending to be pretty good athletes. The ones in the back really couldn’t care less.

At the good school, the numbers of kids was about the same. In this class they broke them up into six different circuits;

There was music and for the most part all the kids were actively engaged.  Sure a few kids weren’t trying very hard at some of the stations but it was only a few. Good athletes were working with weaker ones and it was coed.

It was nice to see some good physical education teaching going on. I spoke to the teacher and she said after 20 years of teaching PE she has never once played dodge ball.


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