Adaptive PE Playground Equipment and Design

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Dec 06
pic of playground equipment for wheelchairs

I’ve never seen this but it’s a great idea!

When I take my students out, I try to use as much of the natural environment as possible. We go up and down curbs, use any incline, find transitions from one terrain to another and basically look for as many things as possible to go over, under and through.

We like to use playground equipment (slides, swings, etc.) but if they are in middle school there typically isn’t any playground equipment for them. Yet even at the high school level the challenges of playground equipment is appropriate for them.

I’ve been thinking recently of how I would design a “locomotor/gross motor” playground for my students. It wouldn’t take up much space and it should be pretty inexpensive to build.

Here are somethings I would like to have:

  • Transitions from soft foam to the fake grass terrain.
  • Steps with hand rails…and without them.
  • Some sort of stationary foot pedal and an arm pedal device that are a lower height for kids in wheelchairs.
  • Bars for kids to practice bending down and to go under. Also, pipes for the kids to crawl through.
  • Stepping stones for kids to practice extending out for longer steps.
  • Variety of balance beams. Railroad ties at different heights, some with steps, different widths and separation between them.
  • Moving things like bridges, bouncy platforms.
  • More wheelchair access (might require a different playground).
  • A shade structure to keep it cool and comfortable in the summer.

I’ll be able to add to the list but this is a good start.

What do you think? What would you like to have as your ideal playground park?

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