Three Tough Push-up Variations for Youth Athletes

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Dec 05
picture of baby doing a push-up

Hup One, Hup Two!

Most of my focus as a blogger and coach is on less than elite athletes. There is a ton of information out there on top level competitive athletes. I see a huge need for kids that aren’t elite…maybe even in the lower half of fitness.

All kids need to have good workouts and fitness programs. They need to be challenging and variable. And sometimes they need to push each kid to be better.

There’s something to be said for having fun and play. On the other hand, we shouldn’t pander to our kids or athletes either. So with that in mind, I’m presenting three variations of push-ups that are difficult.

Most kids have a hard time doing one correct push-up but don’t let that stop you from trying these variations with them. They will appreciate the challenge.

Here is the article and video I got them from. Martin Rooney has a lot of creative ideas on working out and fitness. I high recommend you check him out at his site here. Or purchase his books at Amazon.

The three variations are:

1. Side to side push-ups. Drop down towards the left side, then raise up. Repeat towards the left. These are a good transition to help with doing one arm push-ups.

2. Dive Bombers. In the top position, move forward as far as you can. Then drop down and push your self back. These work your shoulders as well as your back and hips.

3. ISO push-ups. You drop down to one side and instead of rising up, scoot over to the other side. Go back and forth a few times from side to side,then rise up.

You might find it easier to have your athletes spread their legs spread wider for balance as well as to make it easier.

In a PE class, the kids will appreciate the challenges of trying these. They will appreciate the change of pace as well. Try them and let me know what you think.

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