Indoor P.E. Activity for Early Elementary Teachers

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Nov 30
Pic of girl in rain with umbrella

Don’t let a little rain keep your classroom from being active.

It’s pouring rain out here in the South Bay. Kids love it because they get to stay in class. Teachers probably not so much. The kids get antsy and have a hard time sitting still all day.

Here’s a great activity to do with them to get them moving. There’s tons of variations that you can use. You can use music but it’s not necessary.

I’ll go over how to start it and then I’ll add some variations you can use to actually challenge the kids.


Have your class start to tap on their palm with one hand. Use four fingers for tapping. Show how they can tap slow, fast, light and hard. Have them practice with both hands.

Now they are going to start tapping all over their body.

Head, shoulders, forearms, down the forearms, toes, heels, knees, back of the knees. Have them tap for five to ten seconds before you have them move to another location. Be sure to do some taps that cross over the body. Do some one hand taps as well as two.

Mix up the locations. Go back and forth between a couple of them. You can tell them and show them. You can also have them listen to your words but do something else.

To make it more challenging and physical, have them do some simultaneous activities such as balancing on one leg or running in place. You can even have them do push-ups.

Five to ten minutes will get the kids moving and they will then be ready to start learning.

Have fun!

It’s a lot of fun, engages their brains and works on a lot of physical skills.


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