How Can Climbing a Hill Improve Kids Fitness?

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Nov 29

Sunday afternoon. Step-dad is watching the kid. Dog needs a walk. What to do…?

So I take every one out to the percolation ponds. They are dried up now, but fully enclosed. The dog can run and there are some interesting things for the kid to play with. I’m not sure if its as interesting as SpongeBob Squarepants but we will have to see.

The dog is in heaven. Lots of free running and birds to chase. Her little white setter tail is flying high.

The kid is pretty happy as well. Lots of rocks to throw and some big boulders to climb. He finds an empty soda can and smashes it with big rocks. How fun.

At the end of the walk we find a big pile of dirt…about ten feet high. It’s a little stinky and wet from the rain but that isn’t going to deter a determined seven year old.

And so it begins. For 45 minutes he climbed up the hill and ran down. He jumped down, skied down and snowboarded down. He probably could have stayed there till the sun went down…maybe beyond.

But eventually, it was time to leave. I came back with an exhausted and happy dog. I also came back with a dirty, dusty, slightly smelly and worn out kid.


The best ways for kids to become athletes is to get outside and play. It’s not always possible and it’s not always convenient but it is the best.

Climbing the dirt hill developed strength, endurance and balance. It developed curiosity, creativity and confidence.

All in all, it was a great afternoon.

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