Frisbee for fun, fitness and family

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Nov 29
pic of two teens playing frisbee

Dig the socks!

If you’re looking for something to do with your kids, its tough to beat playing Frisbee. Frisbee’s are fun, challenging, and have a lot of options on how to use.

Kids can play Ultimate which is an extremely active game requiring tons of running around, moving, quickness and general athletic skills.

Younger kids can work on simply playing catch. They can use two hands to catch at first, and as they get older they can go for the one handed catch. Throwing takes a while to learn but its not much harder than throwing a tennis ball.

As they get more skilled they can learn tricks. There are throwing tricks as well as catching. My favorites are the side arm throw and the behind the neck catch.

Many parks have Frisbee golf courses. This is a fun and easy way to get outside and play a challenging game. You can use a regular disk but if you really want to get into the game get a couple of heavier disks designed just for golf.

You can even get soft Frisbees that can be thrown safely indoors. I use these with my special needs kids in the classroom. When my son was younger we used to do it inside. His grandmother was not thrilled but we never broke anything.

And don’t forget the dog. If you have a chaser and retriever having them chase the Frisbee might be the best thing ever. My dog hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet but we keep working on it.

Her favorite is fetching the stick in the ocean.

The hand-eye coordination of playing catch with a Frisbee is an excellent tool for kids of all ages. Add walking and running and you’ve got most of the athletic needs for kids.

Best of all its fun so kids, adults and families can do it all the time.

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