A good day teaching adapted physical education

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Nov 28
image of special education students holding balls

These are not my students.

Yesterday was my first day back from Thanksgiving vacation. I had an excellent day working with my special education students for PE. Some days are like that. Everything seems to click and your kids make some good progress.

My first student is a seventh grade girl. She has some vision and balance issues. We are working on doing a fitness routine consisting of chair squats, knee lifts, marching and push-ups. She is showing a lot of progress, especially on the knee lifts for balance. She held each leg for about 8 seconds. She, the teacher and aides are really working hard.

On our walk, she gained confidence on each of our obstacles. On the way out, for each one she required one hand support. On the way back, she didn’t need any. She also took single steps up and down the stairs with one hand support. Before it was always stutter steps.

My second student is a child with autism. He’s got great balance and gross motor skills. Unfortunately, he loves to stem and doesn’t follow instructions. His stemming manifests itself as lifting up dirt, sand or leaves and letting it run through his fingers. He loves it.

I’m working on using a pail filled with sand so that he is stemming on my command, as opposed to whenever he wants to. It’s working marginally well (which for him is really good). He still needs hand over hand support to keep him from stemming in the dirt but it is lessened with the sand.

I had two other students which did well too. If I get around to it, I’ll update you on them as well.

Have a great week!

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