Workout of the Day: Legs and Athletic Stance Drills for Youth Soccer

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May 30
Image of kids learning soccer

Notice the straight legs

Too many kids play soccer standing around with their legs straight. Straight legs will keep them a step or two slower than kids that have their legs bent and are ready to move.

Today’s workout is designed to reinforce the athletic stance and strengthen the legs. It will help give kids a quick first step.

Knowing what the athletic stance is and doing it during practice and a game is crucial for success in soccer.

In my bonus book “The Athletic Stance…the Foundation of All Sport Movement”, I go into detail about the stance; how to teach it and different drills to use. If you want more details about it, post a comment and I’ll send you the book.

A quick overview of the Athletic Stance is to stand with your legs bent and your head up. Your heels should be slightly off the ground and the weight on the balls of your feet.

The Star Drill is a lunging drill. You step forward with your left foot and touch the ground with your left hand. Repeat with the right foot.

Next, step out to the side with the left and then to the side with the right.

Finally, step back with the left and then with the right.

The steps should be quick.

Workout of the Day for Kids Fitness

1. Run in place for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, hold an athletic stance for 5 seconds.

2. Star Drill. Take an athletic stance every time you return to the starting position and hold for 1 second.

3. 10 Bunny jump push-ups. In a push-up position, bring both feet as far forward as possible. After 10 come to an Athletic Stance and hold for five seconds.Return them to the start position.

Repeat this sequence three to five times.

Doing an athletic stance is a fundamental of all sports movements. Any athlete in any sport needs to be able to do an athletic stance at all times.

By doing this workout of the day, they will practice the stance, rehearse the stance from different movements and have to move to and from the stance.

It will give them the leg strength and reinforcement they need to do it at practice…and at a game.

Are you a parent or coach that is looking on how to improve your team’s fitness for soccer? Are you kids slower than the other kids? Do they lack the strength to compete?

Athletic Skills for Soccer will show you what and how to work with your kids to make them better athletes. They will be faster, stronger, and just generally more fit.

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