How to Coach Your Child’s Soccer Team

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May 29
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Do You Coach Your Own Child?

My Athletic Skills for Soccer program is written mostly for parents who want to help their kids fitness. Coaches can (and should) use it as well.

I’ve known that a lot of parents who purchase the program are also coaching. They probably are coaching younger and beginning levels of soccer and looking at what and how to teach. I believe Athletic Skills for Soccer is a great investment in that area.

As I was researching something to write, I came across a great blog post from It’s an excellent site with a lot of information for parents and coaches. And it’s not necessarily just about baseball. All youth sports have similar issues and concerns.

In this blog post about coaching your own child, Jack Perconte emphasizes the importance of being fair. He says that when parents coach their child, they must immediately forget that their child is on the team.

This is difficult to do but so critical. You have to have the entire team’s best interests at heart when you coach. One of the tenants of No Child Left Behind, (which I’m not a big fan of) is that all kids are teachable and deserve a quality education.

I agree, all kids deserve equal and fair treatment as athletes. Jack’s advice can be summed up in these three points:

1. Have a coaching philosophy and stay with it. Your philosophy should cover rules, discipline, playing time, and team behaviors.

2. Your responsibility is to all players, not just your child. Respect all the players.

3. Expect the same from all the kids. Don’t expect better from your child.

Coaching your own child is tough. If you’re just starting out as a soccer coach, there is so much to learn and do. Adding this to your plate could make or break you.

Do it right, and you will have an incredible experience with your child that will be cherished for years.

Do it wrong, and you could seriously damage your relationship for a long long time.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I’ve coached for over 30 years. My career is an Adapted PE teacher and I still am coaching high school (swimming and water polo). I coached my own son and helped him in his youth sports career. I’ve had some successes with him…and some failures. I wish I had known some of the things I’ve learned in the past ten years.

I see too many young athletes that have very little athletic skills. They can’t run, can’t do a push-up. They don’t know how to throw or have the balance to kick well.

I don’t see them getting the help by their coaches or PE teachers. So the only way I can help is to teach parents and coaches what and how to do it.

My ebook and the bonus books teaches you drills to do with your child to develop their athletic skills.

Click the link so you can begin to develop your child’s strength, speed and fitness.


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