Burpee Variations for Soccer Fitness: Workout of the Day

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May 25

Burpees are the one of the best fitness exercises for kids. They develop full body strength and cardiovascular endurance. Doing ten is difficult. Doing 20 near impossible for most kids.

One of the problems with them for kids is that they are so tough. And kids get bored with them. I like to keep kids moving by using different exercises and keeping things different. Besides hitting different neural and muscular pathways, kids are happier, more engaged and tend to perform better.

I was reading Ross Ebamait’s fitness blog the other day and he had a video of a burpee that was pretty cool. I couldn’t find the exact one on youtube, but I found it here:

As you can see, you start off standing and then drop down as if you are going to do a regular burpee. Instead of kicking your legs back, you kick your legs up high (like a mustang) and then bring them back under your body to stand up. Do these moderately fast.

For kids, don’t go until they are exhausted. Do

They are fun to do,though still tough. Because it takes a lot of power to lift the legs so high, it is very good for soccer and other youth sports. It also strengthens the shoulders and should help develop shoulder stability.

In my ebook program Athletic Skills for Soccer I have donkey push-ups but I don’t have them done with burpees.

To do these as a workout of the day, try this:

1. 5 Mustang Burpees

2. Run in place for 30 seconds

3. 4 Mustang Burpees

4. Run in place for 30 seconds

5. Keep going till you’re down to one Mustang Burpee.

The whole workout will take about 5 minutes and will get your kids up and moving. Be sure you do it with them.


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