Soccer Golf Variations for Kids Fitness and Soccer Skills

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May 24
Image of girl using hula hoop for fitness

There's other ways to use a Hula Hoop

I was reading great newsletter for kids by Dick Moss and there’s a brief article about playing soccer golf using Hula Hoops. I use Hula Hoops all the time as an adapted PE teacher. I also use the concept of golf in various forms.

The technique is simple. Place 9 Hula Hoops in various positions about the field and kids practice kicking the ball to the hoops. They add up the number of kicks and the lowest number wins.

Pretty simple and easy to set up. Keeping 9 Hula Hoops around takes up some space but it’s not too bad.

But let’s talk about some variations to try. This can make the game much more difficult and also bring in a bunch of soccer fitness and conditioning skills as well. Since I’m writing this off the top of my head, my goal is to come up with 10 variations.

Soccer Golf Drill Variations for Fitness and Skill

1. At each station kids have to do an exercise; burpees, push-ups, squats, etc.

2. Instead of counting the number of kicks, time the kids. The fastest one wins.

3. Work with pairs. They have to have a certain number of passes between each player before they score.

4. They have to use a different soccer kick between the hoops; right, left, instep, running, bounce, etc.

5. Place hoops in difficult locations; next to a tree, hanging from a tree, on a bench.

6. Kids have to move a different way after they kick the ball; backwards run, skips, carriocas, jumps, gallop, etc.

7. The soccer ball has to land a certain way in the hoop; roll, bounce, stop exactly, or land in the air.

There you have it…seven variations that are pretty easy to do, set up and provide a fun game break during practice.

If you work with your child, this is a great game to play as well. Take the Hula Hoops out to the park and play it this weekend. I bet all the kids will want to play!

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