Why Some Kids Need Help With Athletic Skills and Some Do Not

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Apr 10
soccer requires strength, speed and agility

Every Kid Needs More Strength, Speed and Agility

I was talking with a friend of mine today whose ten year old son went to a speed and agility class for kids. Most of the kids in the class were high school athletes.

They were already pretty good athletes…just trying to improve a little to be even better.

We talked about my program for kids that aren’t quite athletes yet. How there are a lot of kids (the majority?) who don’t have the strength, endurance, speed and coordination yet to even benefit from a class or individual instruction.

And we discussed how kids in the bay area (we both grew up in San Jose), just don’t play like we used to. We were always at the park or the school playing basketball, football, baseball (sometimes soccer) or just running around.

Plus, we walked or rode our bikes to school all the time. Even in the rain.

As a professional in the field of kids fitness it was nice to see that someone else recognized how much help our kids need to be athletes…and even just to be fit.

My program is for parents of kids who maybe play a little too much video games or watch TV a little too much. Their kids don’t get outside and play all the time.

As parents (or coaches of these kids) perhaps you realize that you need some support and knowledge of what and how to teach to give these kids the advantages that we had.

If you do, then this is a perfect time to purchase Athletic Skills for Soccer. Even if your child is playing other sports or you just want to help them get stronger and be more fit, this is an excellent resource for you.

And it’s a great time, because for the month of April it is on sale at a special birthday discount. Since it’s my 57th birthday, I’m giving a 57% discount on the entire program.

But only for the month of April. May 1 it is gone.

If your kid is a great athlete, then this program is not for you. But if he or she needs support to play soccer or other sports then this is the only book I’ve seen that can show you what and how to work with your kids.

And at 57% it’s almost a steal!

To improve your child’s strength, speed and agility click the link now.

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