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Apr 09

Can You Guess How Old I Am?

First, I’d like to thank you for coming to my site and learning about my views on soccer fitness for kids.

Since January the number of daily visitors has gone up and it keeps going up. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my thoughts on fitness for soccer and for kids in general.

April is my birthday month. And since I believe that birthdays should be celebrated for the entire month, I’m offering a special discount of 57%!!!

I have no idea what the final price will be but it’s going to be more than half off the regular price and will be the lowest I will discount the book (until maybe next year when it might go to 58%).

57% is a great number. I hope it’s a great age!

So celebrate my birthday with me and when you get to the order page put in the word “Birthday”.

You’ll get a nice discount on a great book and bonus books on how to develop your kids soccer fitness.

And I will get a nice birthday gift, knowing that someone is thinking of me!

PS…Remember the code word is “Birthday”

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