Great Soccer Books

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Feb 21

There are some excellent resources for youth soccer coaches, fans and parents. I thought I’d share some of mine in a few posts.

Coach Dewazien has some excellent products. I love his Fundamental Soccer books. I guess you could say he’s a business competitor with my Athletic Skills Program. He focuses much more on the complete practice and game of soccer…I’m focusing more on the exercises needed to build an athlete.

I’ve got numerous copies of his books and every time I go through them, I learn something. Sometimes it’s about soccer, sometimes its about running a youth practice. Sometimes it’s even about other sports and how his principles can be applied to other flow type sports.

Anyway, if you’re looking for practical information that’s well written and very developmentally appropriate, you can’t go wrong here.

Click the link to his website and pick up a book or DVD. They are excellent sources for youth soccer.



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