What Soccer Skill Keeps Kids From Being Succesfull?

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Dec 16

The best soccer players have a great athletic stance

Yesterday, I was watching the local high school JV team play. The home team was winning big in a lopsided 4-0 victory.

The kids were obviously not varsity level. They could run fairly fast, and they were able to dribble and pass proficiently.

What I noticed was that the visitor team (and most of the defensive players on the home team) were frequently unready to move.

They weren’t able to move because they were standing around with their legs straight. Their body posture said they weren’t ready to be aggressive. And if they were, they were always late to the ball or the point of attack.

Having a good athletic stance is the secret to being quick. Without a good stance it doesn’t matter how fast you are. That first step they take is the most important one.

And if you’re not ready physically to take that step you won’t be able to get there.

Take time to teach, practice and emphasize the athletic stance. Don’t assume that they will be able to perform it in a game.

The athletic stance is fundamental to all athletic movements; running, jumping, side to side, agility and quickness.

When doing drills, always have them start and stop from the athletic stance. That will reinforce the physical and mental skills needed to perform it.

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