A Simple Way to Help Your Soccer Players Run Faster

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Dec 15
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Pick up your feet quickly!

Just a quick blog post today. With a quick tip to help your team or child be faster.

Here is the tip…

“Pick Up Your Feet Quickly”

Instead of trying to pump the arms faster, push back harder, or just work more, this simple technique of picking up the feet will have a large immediate effect on their running speed.

Picking up the feet quickly, means the feet will spend less time on the ground. Less time means they will have a quicker stride.

As always, introduce the technique in a progression. Here is one possible progression to use:

1. During warm-ups have them pick up their feet quickly while walking in place.
2. Next, have them try it while running in place.
3. Repeat this procedure while they are running. First, slow. Then faster.
4. Finally. have them try it with drills and scrimmages.

If you do nothing else to try to improve their running speed, this tip will have the biggest and fastest impact.

Give it a try and leave some feedback on how well it worked!

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