Is Youth Soccer Right for Every Child?

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Oct 20

Soccer attracts millions of kids each year. There are thousands of teams across the country and they are always getting new players.

And parents (is that you?) are looking for a great sport that can help their child develop self confidence, fitness and friends. Soccer fits that bill so they sign-up.

But not every kid is cut out for soccer. Some programs will be too competitive. And even the programs that have recreational or beginning levels might not be the right.

Here are my five reasons why youth soccer may not be the best sport for your child.

1. Your child is very tall for their age. These kids are going to typically be slow and maybe have some coordination issues. Success in soccer is a matter of speed, agility and eye/foot coordination. There is little benefit in being taller than everyone else.

2. Your child is overweight. This is a dilemma. You want your child to get more exercise so you put them in soccer. The problem is the weight will keep them from being successful on the soccer pitch. Also, the weight might make exercise and running painful to your child. And be aware that overweight children are more prone to injury.

3. Your child prefers individual sports more than team sports. There are three types of youth sports; team, individual and performance. Each type draws a different type of personality. Soccer requires teamwork, getting along and making group sacrifices. If this isn’t your child, then soccer probably isn’t going to work out.

4. You really want them to play…but they want to do something else. Forcing your child to do soccer if they don’t want to will cause problems down the road. If they don’t want to play soccer then give them a few choices. (Nothing is not a choice!)

5. Your child is uncoordinated and needs to be fitter and stronger. There are a lot of kids who fit into this category. Fortunately, as a parent there is a lot you can do to help them improve their athletic skills.

Spend time with them play soccer and kicking a ball around. Make fitness part of the families daily and weekly life. Do a variety of sports and activities to develop all their entire athletic skills.

There are many opportunities for kids to be fit, exercise, play sports and have fun. Youth soccer is a great sport and perfect for many children. However, be aware that not every child is going to be successful or even enjoy it.

About the author: Coach Ron Usher helps parents, coaches and kids improve their athletic skills. Does your child need to improve their strength, speed or coordination for soccer or other youth sports? Then go to to find out what simple things you can do to develop their natural athletic talent.

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