Help for the Beginning Youth Soccer Player

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Oct 11

Is your child starting to play soccer?

There are a lot of kids who try out every year. And most have fun for at least a few years.

  • Then the competitiveness of the sport (all youth sports for that matter) takes over.
  • They find it’s less and less fun.
  • They stop improving
  • They get less playing time.
  • Their best friends move to more competitive leagues.

Soccer does a great job of providing opportunities for kids at all levels. Where it falls down is making sure that those kids have the skills needed to keep playing, have fun and be successful.

Most kids today do not have the strength, stamina and skills needed to be successful on the soccer pitch. And just playing soccer a few times a week will not give them those skills. Those skills come from a strong athletic foundation and practice.

As a parent there is a lot you can do. Here are eight tips that will insure your child has fun and is successful.

And two more even more important benefits; you will bond closer to your child…and the fitness they gain will last them a lifetime.

Give them plenty of opportunities to move and run every day of the week.

Practice kicking a ball outside with them. A few minutes a day goes a long way.

Have the team come over or meet at a park for fun. They can play soccer…or other games and sports. Low key and no parental supervision.

Limit TV and video games to no more than one hour a day. (Tough but so important.) During breaks have them do exercises such as squats, push-ups, burpees, etc.

Start a family fitness program. Everyone works out at the same time.

Keep the exercising fun. Use frequent breaks and short rests. Play music and have silly challenges.

So follow these tips and keep your child active. To learn more exercises and details of setting up a program for and with your child, go to

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