Keeping Track of Soccer Players’ Fitness: Part 1

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Jul 07

Keep track of fitness goals

As a coach there are a lot of things to keep track of; attendance, skills, attitudes, game strategy…it is a never ending job.

I’ve got one more item for you to add to your list.

Keep track of fitness stats for your team.

Keeping track of how your team is performing on certain tasks helps them focus on fitness and performance.

It helps you focus on it too. If you measure it, it is more likely to improve. And fitness is something that can always be improved.

You don’t have to measure every aspect of their training. That is more of a specialists realm. If they play on top level teams; elite, college, pro, then trainers and coaches should be handled that specialized assignment.

Yet, even at the youngest age-groups things can me measure. If it’s not worth measuring, it might not be worth doing.

For instance, imagine a U6 team running. Soccer coaches typically will have them run around the field or a couple of cones. This could be very appropriate.

But why not time them?

Have some measure of if they are improving or not. Otherwise, how will you know.

Now besides fitness (strength, balance, speed) there are other sport specific things that can be measured. Possibilities are:

  • Distance a ball can be kicked
  • Accuracy of kicks
  • Number of juggles in the air with a ball

When you record it, it doesn’t have to be a contest between individuals. It is better to make it a competition with yourself.

The following post will go into more detail on how and what to track for children’s fitness.

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