Teaching Grit to Kids for Soccer Success

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Jul 05

Teaching positive psychology is critical for happy, healthy kids.

A must read for parents and coaches is Martin Seligman’s, Flourish. The book is about positive psychology and experiments that have been done to see it’s effects on youth and adults.

It’s a very good book with lots of examples of how being positive is important for success.

To me, success on the athletic field is secondary to success in life. The skills that are required for athletic success are similar to the ones needed to be good human beings.

I don’t think that sports are the only way to aquire these skills. And if they are not taught, many kids will not develop them. However, sports and physical challenges bring health and fitness benefits that no other activity does.

Even though our society is becoming less physical, I think we as humans and mammals still need a physical component to really understand ourselves and to fit into the world.

In the book, Seligman has one exercise that showed huge benefits to the students studied. This was the Three-Good-Things exercise.

It is similar to “Give or Get” which I mentioned in a previous post.

For this activity students were to write down three good things that had happened to them during the day. They did this for a week.

The three things didn’t have to be big things. They could be small and inconsequential. For instance, “A girl smiled at me today” or “I got a question right in math”, would both be appropriate.

After writing three good things they were to write about one of three questions:

  1. Why did this thing happen?
  2. What does this mean to you?
  3. How can you have more of this good thing in the future?

If you want to instill positive psychology with your team or child, going through this process could be very enlightening and rewarding.

But before you do, try it yourself.

Do it for a week and see what changes happen in your life.

Be sure to let us know how it went. I will comment after my week is up as well.


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