Soccer Games for Soccer Skills and Conditioning: Part 2

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Jun 30

Kids love adding games to any soccer skills work or soccer conditioning drills. Today, we’ll do some ball control type games for beginner soccer players.

Soccer game for young kids

Great game for younger kids

Red Light/Green Light:
This is a variation of the old kids game. The team lines up on a goal line. Each child has a soccer ball.The finish line is 20 to 40 yards away.

The coach faces away from the players. On the command “Green Light”, the team dribbles the ball forward. On the command “Red Light”, every one stops and the coach turns around. When players stop, one foot should be on the ball.

If coach catches anyone moving they go back to the starting line.

The winner is the first person to cross over the finish line. The winner can then be the one to call out the light colors.

Fun game to develop soccer ball control skills

Horse Shoes
This game is played with two partners, each about ten yards apart. Young kids will want to be closer.

One player stand with their legs apart. The other player kicks the ball towards the partner. A ball between the legs is two points. A ball hitting a leg or foot is one point.

Play to ten points then switch partners.

A more difficult variation of this game is to have the ball rolling before you kick it. The ball can be rolled in any direction, it just has to be kicked before ten yards.

Be sure to alternate kicking feet to encourage the use of the weaker leg.

This is a great game for moms and dads to play with their kids as well.

There are lots more games that can be played for soccer skills work. I bet you can make up some of your own.

If you do, please let us know by leaving a comment.


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