Soccer games for Soccer Skills and Conditioning: Part 1

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Jun 30
games improve soccer conditioning and fitness

Use games to keep kids motivated and improving

It’s funny how just by changing a few words can have a huge impact on the meaning of an exercise.

If you tell your child or team, “We’re going to to do soccer conditioning now!”, you’ll probably hear some groans and moans. The kids won’t get into to it, they won’t enjoy it and probably won’t get as much out of the exercises.

But if you say, “We’re going to play soccer games now!”, they will get all excited and want to have participate. They will be curious what you’ll be doing, they will stay focused on the game and will get a lot of the exercises.

Even if it’s the same exercise!

Making practice game like can really help the U8 kids. But it also helps the older ones.

Professional teams do this and they have to be careful. The athletes get so competitive that they actually can get hurt.

What are the key components of making a soccer game?

They are:

  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • Challenging

There is one other component which is very important. That is to not keep score.

When you keep score you start having winners and losers. Good soccer games should not be about winning and losing.

They should be about fun, play and learning.

The next few posts will go into specific games that can be played to develop soccer fitness or soccer skills.

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