Soccer Conditioning Drills for Skills and Coordination: Part 3

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Jun 29
Rolling the ball mixed with running is a great soccer conditioning drill

Mix soccer skills with soccer conditioning sets

So how can you actually improve soccer skills and coordination with conditioning drills?

It’s fairly easy and a lot of fun. It opens up your creative outlet.

The secret is to mix up any difficult conditioning drill with an easier skill related drill.

For instance here is a drill sequence which works on running speed as well as dribbling…

  • 6 x 30 yard sprints with 10 seconds rest at 70%
  • Dribble soccer ball around four cones as fast as possible
  • Repeat the set four times with the runs getting faster (80, 85, 90, 95%)

Or here is a drill sequence for younger kids working on full body conditioning and passing skills…

  • 5 push-ups; 8 passes to a partner
  • 10 sit-ups; 6 passes to a partner
  • 3 burpees; 4 passes t0 a partner

There is no magic exercise number, order, sequence or anything.

It will change according to how your team is doing and from your observation. Remember to continually asses to see how it is working.

It is important to mix things up as well. Keep the athletes guessing and keep them thinking.

You can use this technique of mixing conditioning drills with any other skill you want. You can even throw it in during scrimmages as well. For instance; scrimmage for ten minutes then do a running set. Mix and repeat.

Soccer conditioning can be fun for the kids and for you. Mix things up like this and you’ll soon see your team getting in better shape than ever before.

Hey Mom and Dad. This works for you as well. You can mix these fitness games up with your kids. They will get in better shape and so will you. Heck do it for two months, lose 20 pounds then pay me for being your personal trainer.

If you want some more exercises and soccer fitness and conditioning exercises check out my program by clicking the link. It will teach you how to work with your child to bring out the athlete in them.

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