Does Your Kid Need Soccer Conditioning Help?

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Jun 29
kids need soccer fitness and conditioning

Many kids are not ready for soccer

Has your son or daughter just started playing soccer?

Summer soccer is getting in full swing and a lot of programs have started.

Do you watch practice and think…”My daughter just isn’t that athletic but I hope she likes the sport.”

A lot of kids start soccer without the athletic skills and movement experiences needed to be successful. Oh sure, they get to play and they will have fun.

Up to a point.

When they get older they will get frustrated with not much playing time or losing most of the battles for the ball.

Did you know the ugly secret of youth sports?

80% of kids quit by time they are 14!

I think one of the main reasons is they lacked the fundamental skills to be successful when they were young and starting.

This puts them at a disadvantage from the very beginning. As they get older, the separation between the good athletes and the not so good gets bigger and bigger.

Let’s face it; a few seconds slower makes a huge difference when running for a loose ball.

Perhaps you’re not a great athlete or don’t have a background in soccer or even fitness. Yet you want to help your kid.

It can be hard to get good coaching and it’s usually expensive.

So what can you do?

I recommend you try my soccer fitness and conditioning program for kids. It teaches parents how to develop soccer fitness with their child.

You’ll have fun, improve their skills…and if you do the exercises with them you’ll get in better shape as well (a free added bonus!)

The program is guaranteed. If you try it and don’t like it, I will give you a full refund.

But if you try it and love it, promise you’ll recommend it to your friends and other team parents.

Because who knows what could happen if everyone started becoming an athlete.

Click the link here to develop your child’s soccer fitness and conditioning.

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