Be An Animal…Soccer Conditioning Drills from the Sea

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Jun 29
crabs walks develop strong backs and cores for soccer fitness

Crab walking develops core and back for soccer conditioning

Crab walks are excellent for building core, leg and back strength.

A lot of kids don’t use their posterior muscles when they run and crab walk exercises help develop the muscles of the posterior chain.

They can be done as races, over distance, battles (trying to knock the others down) or even using the ball.

This variation will use a soccer ball.

  • Athletes sit down with their hands by the hips.
  • Knees are bent and feet flat on the ground.
  • Lift the hips up up and start to walk. (Feet first or head first. Best if it’s mixed up)
  • Use a soccer ball between the feet and dribble it slowly.

There are as many ways to do this exercise as there are types of crabs in the sea.

  • Set up cones and dribble around them;
  • Crab soccer scrimmage;
  • Passing with a partner;
  • Different directions; forward,back, side to side.

Besides muscular strength this drill will develop the cardiovascular system because it is a full body workout and tough to do.crab walks are great for soccer conditioning Click the link for a video showing the drill.

Have fun with this drill. Animal drills are to be fun, not to be done perfectly or to exhaust kids.

One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches make is to take a fun drill like this and turn it into a Marine type workout. Do that and the fun goes away.

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