Be An Animal: Fun Soccer Conditioning Drills for Kids Part 1

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Jun 29
gorilla drills develop strength for soccer

Get gorilla strong with these soccer conditioning drills

I guess I’ve been on a soccer conditioning kick. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working out a lot and having fun getting in shape.

It also might be because I’m thinking about making some Youtube videos and animal exercise would be pretty good. Making them is pretty easy and there should be lots of opportunities for humor. Who knows…maybe one of them will go viral.

Anyway, animal exercises are a great way to bring in a whole lot of fitness to kids. They are both fun and challenging. There are hundreds…perhaps thousands of variations that can be done. They are pretty much limited to your imagination.

For the first set of exercises picture yourself deep in Africa…you hear a grunt in the forest…and out comes a gorilla shuffling…Gorilla soccer conditioning exercise

Squat down so both hands touch the ground. Fists on the ground are best.

Extend your body forward so arms reach out.

Bring both feet up to the right, then reach and bring both feet up to the left.

Monkey Drill

monkey walking is a great soccer conditioning exercise

Walk like a monkey to get ape like strength and flexibility

High in the trees they drop down to the ground and start screaming and running around like…monkeys!

  • Athletes squat down all the way till hips are resting on their heels.
  • Raise both hands up high and shake them like a monkey.
  • Staying low start walking forward. Try not to let the hands drop to the ground.


These two are difficult exercises that kids will want to do.

Emphasize doing them slow and imitate the animals. If they go fast and start to race then then they will get upright and lose a lot of the strength and conditioning effects.

For a bunch more of animal exercises, order the Athletic Skills for Soccer program. Develop your teams soccer fitness and conditioning.


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